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Alla Strada Micro Suites, encompassing both cozy beds and central location, provide a warm welcome, comfortable accommodation and friendly service. Our objective is to provide outstanding lodging facilities for our guests.

Alla Strada Micro Suites Hotel was designed in complete harmony with the traditional Thassian landscape since it is located in an archaeological area of South Thassos, in Limenaria. The owners, two sisters – Vera and Debbie, have spent their childhood summers in what used to be their father’s house, wanted to offer their guests the wonderful, relaxing and carefree stay they experienced in that lush green island which is noted for the crystal clarity of the waters that surround the incredible beaches.

Alla Strada consists of 7 modern and well-equipped suites designed to cater for tourists on the island of Thassos. Each suite has its own kitchen, bathroom and a balcony where visitors can enjoy resting.

Thassos is a beautiful island in the North Aegean Sea. It is beautiful all seasons especially during spring and summer, when temperature is ideal to savor all its beauty. It holds the title of the “Emerald Island” with its golden beaches, sandy and rocky seashores, picturesque bays, crystal blue waters, olive groves, shady forests, cliffs, rivers and small waterfalls. There are plenty of traditional villages, historical landmarks, monasteries and museums.

amenities and benefits

Premium quality micro suites with modern amenities.

High Speed Wifi

Wireless internet is available throughout the suites.

Air Condition

Ultimate comfort with our suite air conditioner.


Kitchen with all the necessary utensils.


Perfect toasts with our premium toaster.


Effortlessly boil water with our sleek kettle.

Domino stove

Efficient and stylish cooking with our domino stove.


each suite include all utensils (fork, spoon, pot, dishes etc).


Our suites have fridge freezers to store your food.

Table and Chairs

All Suites are also fully furnished for dining.

Satellite Television

Endless entertainment with our satellite television.


Powerful hairdryers and make up mirrors.

Clothes Rack

Organize your space with our versatile clothes rack.

Fire Extinguisher

Prepare for emergencies with reliable fire extinguisher.

Stair Lift

Experience independence and mobility with stair lift.

Coffee Maker

Start your day right with perfect coffe maker.


Maximize your storage space with versatile clothes rack.

Dining Chair for Babies

Comfortable dining for your baby with our chair.

Park – Crib for babies

Safe and cozy rest for your baby with park crib.

031 - Wheelchair rampCreated with Sketch.

APD Ramp

Easy accessibility with our durable APD ramp


Spotlessly clean linens for your amenity.

Choice of Mattress

You can choose between a medium or hard mattress.

Security Camera

The area is monitored by closed circuit television.

Bus Stop

The hotel is 1-minute walk from the bus stop.


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